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Transportation gift card

At Giftly, you'll find thousands of gift cards from the most decadent to the most practical. One of our most popular types of e-gift cards are our transportation gift cards. A transportation gift card is a handy gift for someone living in a big city or a college student in a new town. You can use transportation gift cards for busses, light rail, street cars or cabs. If your friend or family member doesn't have a car, you can be sure they will appreciate being able to get exactly where they need to go, when they need to get there.
Giftly makes it easy to give the gift of motion quickly and considerately. Choose from a number of themes and messages to personalize your gift. Then, you can instantly send your gift through e-mail, text or load it directly onto their Paypal Account. It's perfect for that special someone who needs a last-minute gift or even a friend who is stuck with a car in the shop. You can browse the local transportation system, so you can give enough for a monthly or yearly bus pass. Plus, Giftly is flexible in case your recipient prefers a car-share over the bus. Transportation gift cards make great graduation gifts or just a special something to show you care.
So if you want to send a gift that useful and appreciated by someone you care about, visit Giftly and get a transportation gift card today. You'll be surprised at how easy Giftly makes your gift-giving!
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