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Giftly makes it easy for merchants to have an online gift card presence.
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Why is my business listed on Giftly's website?
Having your business listed on Giftly is completely free. Once the Yelp.com profile for your business includes at least one review, a page will be automatically generated on Giftly.
Through Giftly, people can send cash gifts to friends and family and include a suggestion for where to spend the money. Every verified business in the US is listed on Giftly and can be suggested.
Giftly recipients redeem their gifts through our website and we send the gifted funds to them directly.
When a Giftly recipient comes into your business, they pay you the full amount for their purchase. Customers will pay as normal, so there's really nothing you need to do.
You get full price paying customers just by having your page listed with us.
Is there anything I need to do?
No. When a Giftly recipient comes to your business, they pay you the full amount for their purchase using a normal payment method. Customers will not present anything new to you. There's nothing you need to do to have your business listed on Giftly.
How can I remove my business listing?
If you would like your page to be removed, please click here.
How does Giftly work?
Giftly allows people to send monetary gifts to friends and family and suggest where to go and what to get with the gifted funds. Through Giftly, purchasers can suggest a specific business or business category to the recipient.
When a Giftly recipient comes to your business, they pay you the full amount of their purchase using a normal payment method. Giftly sends the gifted funds to the gift recipient directly, so the customer will not present anything to you and there's nothing your business needs to do.
Giftly receives business listings from local business data providers. The place on a gift is simply a suggestion from the purchaser to the recipient of where to go, therefore merchants don't need to pre-register or do anything differently.
How can I get a listing on Giftly?
Once you have a Yelp profile for your business that includes at least one customer review, a Giftly page will be automatically generated. Having your business listed on Giftly is completely free.
How can I find my business listing on Giftly?
The URL for your Giftly listing will mirror the format of the Yelp URL. For example, if the Yelp page is www.yelp.com/biz/roses-cafe-san-mateo then the Giftly page will be available at www.giftly.com/gift-card/roses-cafe-san-mateo. You can customize the business description by clicking "Claim Your Page" in the left margin of the page.
Can I customize my business listing on Giftly?
Yes. Find your business listing on Giftly and click the link to "Claim Your Page" in the left margin. You can add a custom description about your business and modify other information that appears on your business listing.
Does my business get paid from Giftly sales?
Giftly sends gifted funds to the recipient directly, in a manner they choose. Gift recipients will come into your business and pay full price, like any other normally paying customer.
When a Giftly recipient comes to your business, they pay you the full amount for their purchase using a normal payment method. Customers will not present anything new to you. You'll get paid as you normally do.
Can I use Giftly in addition to my current gift card program?
Yes. Giftly is similar to an online gift card program but without the cost or need to manage it. If you already have an online or in-store gift card program, Giftly creates another way for customers to learn about your business and another option for them to choose from.
Giftly makes it possible for people to send gifts that will bring you full-price paying customers.
A customer presented a Giftly as payment and my staff accepted it. How do I get paid?
If this happens, we apologize for any inconvenience. The customer must have been confused because they are supposed to receive the funds directly from Giftly before coming to your business.
Giftly will send you a reimbursement. Please click here to request the funds and a Giftly representative will contact you with options for receiving the payment.
On the form, please provide the six letter activation code that is printed on the Giftly.
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