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What is Giftly?

Giftly lets people recommend your business to friends and family.

Through Giftly, people can easily send monetary gifts to friends and family. When they do, they can suggest that the recipient spend the money at your business.

Giftly's business listings are compiled from local business data providers. The place on a gift is a suggestion from the purchaser to the recipient, and therefore you as a merchant don't need to pre-register with Giftly (but you can customize your page!).

Get paid as you normally do.

When someone receives a gift, they receive the gifted money directly through us. When they come in to your business, they make a purchase just like any normal paying customer. This means they pay you the full amount for their purchase using a normal payment method.

Because gift recipients receive the gifted money through us, you don't need to make any changes to your point-of-sale system and there are no special accounting requirements. There's nothing you need to do.

Works with your current gift card program.

Giftly is similar to an online gift card program but without the cost or need to manage it. It works alongside your existing gift card program by creating an additional way to attract new customers and encourage the return of existing ones.

Other questions? Visit the Merchant FAQ.

Why claim your page?

Customize your page and expand your online presence.

Giftly creates one more way for customers to discover and interact with your business online.

As potential gift buyers browse our site, Giftly displays business information, recommendations, and customer reviews to guide their gift selection. Make sure your business has up-to-date information and stands out!

It's free! Get new customers for zero cost.

Giftly makes it easy for people to send friends and family to your business with money to spend! Because Giftly recipients receive the money through us, before coming to your business, there is nothing you need to do.

No training, no special equipment and no cost to advertise or participate. People purchasing gifts pay a nominal fee that covers all the costs.

Increase sales by reaching new buyers.

Hundreds of thousands of people have given gifts through Giftly. Leverage Giftly's large customer base and advertising reach to help people find your business when they are searching the internet for gift ideas.

People commonly use Giftly to buy last minute gifts and to send gifts to out-of-town friends and family. Giftly enables people who can't make it to your location in-person to send a personalized gift for your local business rather than defaulting to gift card for a chain restaurant or big-box retailer.