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Why Giftly?

•  Giftly lets people recommend your business to friends and family.
•  There's no setup or additional work.
•  Get new customers for zero cost.
•  Giftly works alone or in combination with an existing gift card program.

Customize your page and expand your online presence.

•  Add a custom business description and logo.
•  Increase sales by reaching people searching online for your business.
•  Share your customized listing on social media and promote it during the holidays.

How Giftly Works

When someone sends a gift through Giftly, they are sending money with a suggestion for how to spend it. Giftly uses listings of local businesses from publicly available directories, so that people can suggest businesses like yours to their gift recipients who are nearby.
In order to redeem a gift, the recipient visits the Giftly website, where they enter their gift code and choose a way to receive the money they were given. We send the gifted funds to them directly.
When a Giftly recipient comes to your business, they should pay you the full amount for their purchase using a normal payment method. Customers shouldn't present anything Giftly-related to you. We work with the customer to get them the funds, so there's nothing you need to do.
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