Take UGH out of Thoughtful Corporate Gifting This Holiday Season

A personalized, custom-designed cash gift card combines all the thoughtful intent behind your gift with the flexibility and choice your employees actually want in a corporate gift.

Tom Dixon
A personalized, custom-designed cash gift card combines all the thoughtful intent behind your gift with the flexibility and choice your employees actually want in a corporate gift.

Everyone wants to give a memorable gift. There are two corporate gifts I certainly remember–though for all the wrong reasons.

The first was a $100 gift card to Safeway.

But Safeway was the furthest grocery from my house. 

Fast forward a half decade. The executive team at that company decided the best holiday gift for the team was a company-branded T-shirt. Turns out the fits weren’t “true to size” and mine made me feel like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.

These aren’t isolated incidents. Corporate gifting heavyweight Knack found 70 percent of recipients have experienced negative feelings toward a corporate gift at least once before. Each of these companies was trying for a thoughtful gesture. But nailing a gift is hard enough when you draw Uncle Jim’s name for the annual family gift, much less when you’re trying to spread some holiday cheer for dozens, maybe even thousands of employees.

A personalized, custom-designed cash gift card combines all the thoughtful intent behind your gift with the flexibility and choice your employees actually want in a corporate gift.

Why traditional holiday corporate gifts bring jeers, not cheers

Corporate gifting is a great way to show appreciation for your employees. It can also lead to a slew of headaches.

It’s Hard To Find The “Right” Gift For Everyone

First, you’ve got to come up with a gift idea that matches the tastes and interests of your whole team. Whatever you do, don’t throw your branding on it. That same Knack survey found recipients of logoed business gifts are 21 percent less likely to feel appreciated, much less “very satisfied.” Turns out, people don’t want their holiday gift to make them feel like a walking advertisement.

So, you’re looking for a gift that feels personal, applies to everybody, and doesn’t have your logo slapped on it. Oh, and did we mention it has to stay within budget? Maybe this is why 64 percent of survey takers told corporate gifting company Snappy they need help picking gifts.

Managing vendors and suppliers is a pain

Let’s say you’ve found just the right tchotchke though. The next step is tracking down a vendor. Start now, because the process can take a while to get approvals and settle funds. Things get even more cumbersome and time consuming if you want any customization or other tweaks. 

Many vendors have minimums before you can place an order, and the price can swing enough to bust the budget depending on how big your order is.

Once you have nailed down a fair price with a reputable vendor that offers a quality product, you now have to hope their suppliers are just as good. It’s not a great look if your gifts show up the week after the company holiday party!

Why you should let employees choose their own gift

Employees are loud and clear on their holiday gift preferences—84 percent would just as soon you give them a gift or cash card. That’s good news for you because taking this approach to holiday corporate gifting comes with a whole slew of benefits.

Save time

The holiday season can feel like a race against time. Between decking the halls and preparing festive feasts, finding the perfect gift for each employee can become a Herculean task. 

With a cash gift card you can ditch the endless searching for the perfect gift and the hours of back and forth with vendors.

Produce less waste

Almost 17 percent of people admitted to Snappy they threw away a gift they didn’t like. The planet deserves some holiday love too! By letting employees choose their gift, you’re not just ensuring they get what they want—you’re also cutting down on potential waste. 

Think of all the discarded gifts, extra packaging, and returns that can be avoided. Your choice then becomes an eco-friendly one, aligning with a sustainable and merry world.

Avoid criticism

It’s not worth the risk to your company’s reputation internally or externally to give a gift that sparks snarky comments or, worse, offends a recipient. By giving gift cards, you sidestep the potential pitfall of choosing gifts that don’t resonate with everyone.

Create connections

According to Knack, 71 percent of people who received a gift card from their employer were “very satisfied” with the gift. More than half called it a “very memorable” present. 

That’s a big deal because 34 percent of survey respondents said a memorable gift made them more likely to feel more connected to the gift giver, and 28 percent said it made them more likely to stay at the company longer.

Give The Right Holiday Gift, Every Time, With Giftly

Jingling bells, glowing menorahs and kinaras, and warm hearths are still a little ways off yet, but it’s not too early to rethink your holiday corporate gifting strategy this year.

Letting your employees choose their gift frees time in your busy schedule, sidesteps potential faux pas, and still fosters a genuine connection. It’s like packing all the joys of the holiday season into one gift.

At Giftly, we make it easy to create a custom-designed card, load it with cash, write a personal note to your employees, and send it to their inboxes (digital or physical!) in just a few minutes.

If you’re ready to scratch one item off your holiday to-do list, get in touch today!

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