Why Give a Giftly?

  • More Personal Than a Traditional Gift Card

    Unlike traditional gift cards, Giftlys can be made for specific items or experiences you want to give.

    And since the merchant isn't involved in the transaction, Giftlys can be made for any business - from small and local, to huge and national - it's up to you.

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Ways Giftly Makes Gifting Easier

  • Over 100 Gift Idea Icons

    Have an idea of a type of item or experience you'd like to give, like dinner at their favorite restaurant, or a night on the town? Choose from over 100 gift idea icons to create the perfect gift.

    Since the merchant isn't involved, you can choose any place for the recipient to use their giftly.

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  • Turn anything you see in a store or online into a gift

    See something specific you think they'll like at a store or online, but not sure what size or color to get? Use a photo of the item for the Giftly, tell them where you saw it, and let them decide.

    You can use the Giftly app to snap a photo and create a Giftly, or any photo you download from your camera or save from the web.

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  • Giftlys can be made for any place you want.

    Use the search feature to find any business - big or small - to suggest the place you want the recipient to use their Giftly at. You're not limited to a list of participating merchants, because Giftly doesn't work with merchants - it's just between you and the recipient.

    Giftly also works well for when you don't have a particular place in mind. You can choose a general category, like "any restaurant", or "any shoe store" and let them go to the place they prefer.

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  • Multiple delivery options

    Send a Giftly instantly using email, text, or Facebook. Or, if you'd like to hand something to the recipient, there is a printable option you can give that shows the recipient how to use their Giftly online.

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